An Introduction to Lysosomal Storage Disorders


This ½ day blended learning course covers the most common lysosomal storage disorders. This includes Gaucher, Fabry and Pompes disease. It will provide attendees with the theoretical knowledge of causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Why Is It Important?disease

Lysosomal Storage Disorders are a group of around 50 rare inherited metabolic disorders. Heightened awareness by healthcare professionals, which may lead to early diagnosis and referral to specialist centers for potentially life saving treatment is vital.

Session Outline

  • Cause of disease
  • Recognition – signs & symptoms
  • Pathophysiology – physiological process associated with the disease.
  • Treatment – Enzyme Replacement Therapy.

Aimed At

Healthcare professionals (Doctors and nurses) in settings such as specialist lysosomal storage disorder roles within the community and/or hospital based. GP surgeries to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms.

Teaching Methods

A mixture of teaching methods will be used to encourage engagement and ensure adequate understanding and learning. This will include but not be limited to powerpoint presentation, quizzes, breakout groups. It will be an interactive session with participatory learning.

Facilitated by

Oncology trained registered nurse

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