Catheterisation Training

Catheterisation Training


Catheterisation Training – Facilitated by registered nurses with first hand clinical experience, these blended learning courses allow participants to demonstrate theoretical and practical competencies within a classroom environment.Catheterisation

Why Is It Important?

It is estimated in the UK there are at least 90,000 people with long term urinary catheters (using them for three months or more).

Catheterisation is a common procedure, yet it carries many risks including trauma, urinary tract infection, encrustation, urethral perforation, bladder calculi neoplastic changes, and those with spinal injuries there is the risk of autonomic dysreflexia.

About 1 in 5 people who stay in hospital are fitted with a catheter, sometimes just as a matter of routine rather than requirement. It should therefore be the therapy of choice only when all other interventions are deemed to be inappropriate or have been unsuccessful.

Catheterisaton Training Session Outline

  • Female indwelling urethral catheterisation
  • Male indwelling urethral catheterisation
  • Catheter care
  • Changing a suprapubic catheter
  • Post procedure catheter positioning
  • Post procedure check list
  • Trial without urinary catheter
  • Administering a catheter maintenance solution
  • Intermittent self-catheterisation
  • Emptying an indwelling urinary catheter bag

Aimed At

Healthcare professionals looking to enhance their current skills/knowledge and review current practice or looking to acquire new skills. (Courses including catheter insertion suitable to registered professionals only).

Facilitated by

Registered nurses with first hand clinical experience.

How many can attend Training?

We will run this course for a maximum of 12 delegates – however for larger groups we can either provide multiple trainers on the same day or run multiple days to get everyone trained. 

We have open courses or we come to your place of work to facilitate this training please get in touch for further details.

CPD Accredited

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What do our customers say...

Even as a carer/manager for 24+ years I have learnt a lot and feel this training will have a positive impact on the people who we support and the staff team

This is an excellent refresher, I feel more confident and able to spread the knowledge to others to prevent pressure ulcers.

I thought I had quite a good understanding and knowledge but I have learnt much more. Very enjoyable session.

Trainer ensured attendees understood questions and encouraged them. Really enjoyed the afternoon, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Trainers were excellent and full of knowledge. They make you feel comfortable and confident. Very much enjoyed the course. Definitely felt like I learnt a lot.

Great information. Will put learning into practice.

Great information, will put learning into practice.

Brilliant course and well delivered!

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