Immunisation and Vaccination Training

Immunisation and Vaccination Training. Gain the understanding of the skills, competencies and underpinning knowledge to safely administer vaccines to patients and understand immunisation.


Facilitated by registered nurses with first-hand clinical experience. This full day training course is a theoretical and practical course intended to provide an understanding of the reasons for immunisation and vaccination in children and adults

Why is Immunisation and Vaccination training important?

This course allows learners to form an understanding of immunisation and vaccination including current underpinning laws and guidelines, anatomy and physiology of the skin, infection prevention and ANTT, adverse drug reactions, correct storage procedures, barriers to vaccination and the impact and consideration of COVID 19.

It also allows learners to bring examples from their own practice and learn from others, underpin or further update knowledge on the subject.

Immunisation and Vaccination Training Session Outline

  • Learn about vaccinations and immunisations and why we vaccinate?
  • Be aware of underpinning law, regulations and ethics, accountability and consent
  • Recap infection prevention and control
  • Understand the layers of the skin
  • Be aware of storage, distribution and disposal of vaccines, including cold chain
  • Have an overview of medicines management and administration, patient specific directives and patient group directives, to include allergy and anaphylaxis.
  • Understand immunosuppression and adverse event reporting
  • Recap in injection route, site and administration, post vaccination care and sharps safety
  • Be aware of the barriers to vaccination and improving vaccine uptake
  • Routine immunisation schedule
  • Ensure familiarity with procedures for errors and Mistakes, CQC and Troubleshooting
  • Learning from case studies
  • A word on COVID-19 and the future

Aimed At

Our immunisation and vaccination training course is aimed at registered healthcare professionals including registered nurses, who actively participate in immunisation and vaccination looking to enhance their current knowledge and technique around the subject.

Facilitated By

Registered nurses with first-hand clinical experience.

Immunisation and Vaccination Training​ Course

Training provided by our registered nursing team

CPD Accredited Training Course

Course delivered over a full day

Course can be delivered virtually or face-to-face

CPD certificate provided

Enhance your current knowledge and technique around the immunisation and vaccination

CPD Accredited

Underpinned by

Who are we?

Wren Healthcare is a CQC registered healthcare provider, founded by clinical nurse specialists. We provide clinical skills and disease area training to healthcare professionals and the general public across the UK. We work with the NHS, private healthcare & commercial organisations by supporting them with our clinical training services.

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