Medication Administration Training

Overviewadministration of medicines

Medication Administration Training (Including Calculations) – Facilitated by registered nurses with first hand clinical experience, this full-day blended learning course allows attendees to demonstrate theoretical and practical competencies within a classroom environment.

Participants will further their knowledge and skills in the management of medication administration across varied healthcare settings.

Registered nurses and carers are professionally and personally accountable for their actions and any omissions in care; this includes decisions he or she makes to administer or withhold prescribed medicines.

Why Is It Important?

Effective medication management requires knowledge, skills and competence in order to preserve patient safety.

All members of the multidisciplinary team have a vital role to play in medicines management: from the pharmaceutical companies that trial new medicines and ultimately manufacture them, to the doctors and other professionals who prescribe them, the pharmacists who dispense them, and the nurses/carers who administer them.

Errors in any aspect of the process of medicines management can result in catastrophic outcomes for the patient. According to the Department of Health (2013), at least 11 people died in the NHS in 2012 because they were given incorrect prescriptions and 8 per cent of all hospital prescriptions contain errors.

Medication Administration Training Session Outline

  • Understanding medicines administration charts
  • Routes of administration
  • Administration of medicines: key principles
  • Self-administration of oral medicines
  • Legal, professional and ethical aspects of medicines administration
  • Monitoring and use of a medicine’s refrigerator in primary care
  • Calculations for medicines administration

Aimed At

Administration of medication training is an excellent course for healthcare professionals with the responsibility of storing, administering and disposing of medication.

Facilitated by

Registered nurses with first hand clinical experience

CPD Accredited

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available from 08:30 – 17:30

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