Senior Carers Course

Senior Carers Course

What is the STEP Senior Carers Course?

This 6-week training programme allows your senior carers the opportunity to up-skill their existing clinical skills and continue to deliver high quality evidence-based care within your home.  

Healthcare Support Workers play a vital role in providing high quality patient care; their skills and experience are highly valued throughout the healthcare industry and healthcare organisations are now looking to bridge the gap in skills and knowledge between carers and registered nurses.

In a series of classroom based theory, e-learning and practical sessions, carers will be mentored and accredited on the following competencies.

  • Venepuncture
  • Dysphasia
  • Catheter Care
  • Stoma Care
  • PEG & Gastrostomy Care (Enteral Feeding)
  • End of Life Care
  • Diabetes Care 
  • Tissue Viability (including Pressure Ulcer and Wound Care)
  • Aseptic Non-Touch Technique
  • Infection, Prevention and Control 
  • Dementia
  • Reflective Diary
  • Accountability
  • Record-keeping 
  • MUST & Waterlow Assessments
  • Measuring Observations (including NEWS2)
  • Medication Management

Upskilling carers is a recognised strategy to improve efficiency, patient safety and healthcare outcomes. It allows for professional development within the care home setting.

Aimed at

Our course is aimed at experienced support workers employed within the care home setting looking to enhance their existing knowledge and skills

Senior Carers Course Programme

week 1


  • Welcome and introduction to the course
  • Aims and objectives, an overview of expectations for participants and introduction to 
  • workbooks
  • How we learn and self-directed study (including learning styles assessment)
    Reflective Practice


  • Fundamentals of Infection Control
  • Measuring Observations including Sepsis Awareness
  • Close and next steps

Self-Study and e-Learning

  • Reflective Practice Video (available on Invicta Health Learning Plus)
  • Infection, Prevention and Control Audit (available in the workbook)

week 2


  • Venepuncture (practical & theory)


  • Diabetes and Insulin Administration (practical & theory)
  • Scenario on Diabetic Foot and Accountability

Self-Study and e-Learning

  • HCA Accountability – Video & Quiz (available on  Invicta Health Learning Plus)

week 3


  • Medication Administration
  • Record Keeping


  • End of Life Care
  • Halfway Review

Self-Study and e-Learning

  • Record Keeping Module (available on Invicta Health Learning Plus)
  • Standard 8 Care Certificate Pre-Reading for Week 4 (available in the workbook)

week 4


  • Fluids and Nutrition
  • PEG/Gastrostomy Care


  • Dysphasia
  • Fundamentals of Stoma Care

Self-Study and e-Learning

  • Dementia & Crabbit Old Lady Video and Poem (available on Invicta Health Learning Plus)
  • 3 MUST exercises (available in the workbook)

week 5


  • Wound Care
  • Essentials of Pressure Area Care


  • Catheter Care

Self-Study and e-Learning

  • Jenner Leadership for Health Support Workers (available on Invicta Health Learning Plus)
  • Skills Map (available in the workbook)
  • 3 Waterlow exercises (available in the workbook)

week 6

(All Day)

  • Written Assessment
  • Portfolio Submission
  • Reflections on the course
  • Celebrating Success
  • Award of certificates & badges
  • Close

CPD Accredited

Underpinned by

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Venepuncture, Catheterisation, Tracheostomy, Wound Care and many more...

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What do our customers say...

Even as a carer/manager for 24+ years I have learnt a lot and feel this training will have a positive impact on the people who we support and the staff team

This is an excellent refresher, I feel more confident and able to spread the knowledge to others to prevent pressure ulcers.

I thought I had quite a good understanding and knowledge but I have learnt much more. Very enjoyable session.

Trainer ensured attendees understood questions and encouraged them. Really enjoyed the afternoon, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Trainers were excellent and full of knowledge. They make you feel comfortable and confident. Very much enjoyed the course. Definitely felt like I learnt a lot.

Great information. Will put learning into practice.

Great information, will put learning into practice.

Brilliant course and well delivered!