COVID-19 PCR Test for Travel

PCR test for travel in clinic from £99. Results provided next day. Fit to Fly certificate included.

COVID-19 PCR Test for Travel

Get tested at one of our clinics near you. This service is supervised by one of our nurses.

From £99

PCR Test for Travel
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COVID-19 PCR Test for Travel

Many countries and airlines require individuals to have a COVID-19 PCR test before they travel. 

We provide COVID-19 PCR tests with PCR travel certificates/Fit-to-Fly certificates within 24 hours of your sample arriving at our laboratory,

PCR Test for Travel Summary

A simple throat and nasal swab is taken by you under the direct supervision of our nursing team in one of our testing clinics. You will receive your results before 6.30PM the next day.*

Key Points

*You will receive your results before 6.30PM the next day except for Sunday appointments in which you will receive results next day before 9.30PM (no earlier than 8.30PM).

COVID-19 PCR Test for Travel
COVID-19 PCR Test for Travel

Step 1

Book your appointment online or call 0203 974 6950

Step 2

Throat and nasal swab taken by you in clinic under direct supervision of our clinical nursing team

Step 3

Your sample is then delivered to our UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis on the same day as your test

Step 4

Results & certificate sent next day before 6.30PM via email


frequently asked questions

Yes, we will provide an certificate/pathology report for travel at no additional cost. This include the type of test (RT-PCR) date and time the sample was received and processed by our partnered laboratory.

The certificate is stamped by our UKAS accredited laboratory and includes a signature from the pathologist who has processed your results.

We also include a QR code on the certificate.

The certificate will be emailed to you in PDF format. 

A COVID-19 PCR test looks for the presence of genetic material from the COVID-19 virus within a swab or saliva sample. These tests are commonly referred to as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. 


The COVID-19 PCR test requires a throat and nasal swab to be collected and sent back to our partnered UKAS accredited laboratory for testing.

PCR swabs are being used to rule out COVID-19 infection before travel or resuming other activities. We issue certificates for travel within 24  hours.

We offer an express test. This would enable you to get your results by 5AM the next day. Please contact us to find out any more information.

Unfortunately, we are not performing tests for those who have symptoms of COVID-19. 

We sort out all of the logistics. Our nurses either drop your samples off to the lab or they meet with our in-house delivery team at the end of each day.

The samples usually arrive at the lab by 6.30PM on the same day as your home visit. This ensures that there is no delay in your sample being processed and you receiving your results.

Please note the clock starts ticking once your samples arrive back at the lab so if you have booked a 24 hour service you should expect your results to be sent to you via email before 6.30PM the next day. 

Many countries and airlines are requiring all those travelling to show evidence of a PCR test from a registered laboratory before they travel. We provide PCR travel certificates or Fit-to-fly certificates within 24 or 48 hours depending on your requirements. 


Depending on how quickly you need the results we charge:

  • £99 a test (results next day by 6.30PM)
  • £159 a test (express service results next day before 5AM)

This includes the costs of the test, sending your samples back to our partnered laboratory and providing a certificate for travel.

All samples are delivered to our laboratory on the same day of your appointment. You should expect your results anytime before 6.30PM the next day if you have booked a 24 hour service. 

Please call 0203 974 6950 to arrange your appointment and make payment. Alternatively, you can book online.

We will need to ask questions around your current symptoms to ensure that you have no COVID-19 symptoms before you are tested.

Your samples are received by the lab on the same day of your appointment usually around 6.30PM. It’s from this point that the turnaround times come into play. If you have booked a 24-hour turnaround you should expect your results by 6.30PM the following day. 

Please note for Sunday appointment your results will be sent via email before 9.30PM the next day for our 24hr service. 

For express results you will receive your results by 5AM next day.

These tests are 99.9% accurate and are approved by Public Health England.

PHE approval and review on the tests we use can be found on the governments website.

Yes you can, however, please note we do charge a £25.00 administration fee for each booking if you choose to cancel your appointment.

Please note: If you choose to cancel within 24 hours then your test is non-refundable. 

If you would like to re-schedule your appointment for a later date then there in no charge for doing so.

If your COVID-19 PCR test is positive then you need to follow the latest government advice

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Please be aware that you will be asked to carry out your own swab in clinic.

To enquire about a COVID-19 PCR test for travel, please fill out our form below:

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COVID-19 PCR Test for Travel