Ear Care


Facilitated by registered nurses with first hand clinical experience, this ½ day blended learning course allows participants to demonstrate theoretical and practical competencies within a classroom environment.

This training course is intended to provide a broad understanding of issues surrounding ear care and demonstrates best clinical practice.

Why Is It Important?

Clinicians should be familiar with the basic anatomy and physiology including the mechanisms of hearing before undertaking any care or examinations.

Aspects of ear care should only be carried out by a healthcare professionals who have undertaken appropriate training and been assessed as competent in carrying out procedures.

Session Outline

  • Ear examination
  • Ear irrigation
  • Instillation of ear drops
  • Basic hearing tests

Aimed At

Healthcare professionals looking to enhance their current skills/knowledge and review current practice or looking to acquire new skills.

Facilitated by

Registered nurses with first hand clinical experience

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