Introduction to Immuno-oncology


This ½ day course will cover background information on the immune system and immuno-oncology therapy allowing for understanding of current therapy choices.

Why Is It Important?

‘The advent of immunotherapy has transformed the treatment paradigm of several solid tumors and is expected to influence the therapeutic algorithm even more in the future following the results of numerous ongoing clinical trials in a wide range of malignancies’ Tsiata et al, (2016)

These treatments have different treatment considerations for patients and for any healthcare professionals that come into contact with them. Side effects from immuno-oncology drugs can occur months to years after patients have had treatment so an increased awareness of these treatments is imperative.

Session Outline

  • Structure of the immune system
  • Cells of the immune system
  • Innate immunity
  • Adaptive immunity
  • Cancer immunoediting
  • Immune checkpoints

Aimed At

Healthcare professionals, (registered and unregistered) in any setting, acute, outpatient, community, nursing and residential homes, midwifery and palliative care.

Teaching Methods

A mixture of teaching methods will be used to encourage engagement and ensure adequate understanding and learning. This will include but not be limited to powerpoint presentation, quizzes, breakout groups. It will be an interactive session with participatory learning.

Facilitated by

Oncology trained registered nurse

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