Introduction to Oncology Treatments


This ½ day course will provide learners with a beginners guide into different systemic anti-cancer therapies. Participants will also be introduced to other supportive therapies for this patient group.

Why Is It Important?

Cancer death rates in the UK have fallen by around 10%, increased mortality rates have resulted in patients receiving systemic therapies for longer periods. Subsequently patients willinteract with clinical professionals across varied healthcare settings,who lack therapy knowledge.

Attendees will gain essential knowledge of current and planned treatments, implications on future care and patient wellbeing. This course allows attendees to adopt a holistic approach to oncology patient treatment in the wider healthcare community.

Session Outline

  • Introduction to cancer treatment timelines
  • Cytotoxic chemotherapy modes of action and side effects
  • Monoclonal antibodies modes of action and side effects
  • Targeted therapies mode of action and side effects
  • Common supportive treatments

Aimed At

Healthcare professionals, (registered and unregistered) in any setting, acute, outpatient, community, nursing and residential homes, midwifery and palliative care.

Teaching Methods

A mixture of teaching methods will be used to encourage engagement and ensure adequate understanding and learning. This will include but not be limited to powerpoint presentation, quizzes, breakout groups. It will be an interactive session with participatory learning.

Facilitated by

Oncology trained registered nurse

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