COVID-19 Solutions

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Over the past year, many businesses have been faced with new, unexpected challenges and have been encouraged to adapt to a ‘new normal’. This includes offering online purchases, digital integrations and virtual training solutions, to name but a few. 

But how does this relate to the fashion industry?

At Wren Healthcare, we have been actively helping the fashion industry get back on its feet by offering COVID-19 testing services to large blue-chip companies such as Urban Outfitters, Mulberry and New Look; as well as many fashion influencers. The aim is to ensure models and production teams can shoot in a safe environment and are meeting all Covid-19 regulations, which has been a challenge in itself. 

Strong, loyal relationships have been built with these brands and employees have been given the opportunity to go back to work and resume ‘business as usual’.

Nursing Support

One of the ways we have made an impact is through direct nursing support. To ensure fashion shoots continue in a safe and effective manner, we have supplied producers with in-house trained nurses. Our nurses can offer support from basic first aid to sample collection for COVID-19 testing.

the covid-19 vaccine shift

Debbie, one of our Senior nurses, has attended many of these production sets from warehouses to studios, including the well-known Mulberry House. She explains, “I felt like part of the family on set. One of the Directors came to me when I was with a Producer and said we were his two-favourite people.”  

She added, “They felt safe with us, we chatted to them all day like normal colleagues which is hard to have when you’re asking them to put a swab up their nose, but that’s another benefit of the nursing team, they know how to meet the needs of the individuals and can step in anywhere required. It’s a very fast-paced environment but knowing you get them tested safely and on-set in time to shoot is rewarding”.

Debbie has over 40 years nursing experience but has never experienced working in the fashion industry before. The opportunity to learn and develop in new industries has become a highlight and story in itself. She said, “There were so many famous people on set and the food was amazing, we got to eat avocados and poached eggs plus I’ve never seen so many almond lattes before!”

Adaptable COVID-19 Testing Services

As a CQC regulated & UKAS registered company, we have been able to support the fashion industry with bespoke COVID-19 testing solutions; offering a variety of tests with rapid turnaround times.

The fashion industry is ever-changing and requires adaptable and diverse business solutions. We have used our experience in clinical trials and homecare solutions to offer a time-critical and custom-made service to our customers.

Matt Richardson, Director of Wren Healthcare states: 

“As a company, we have delivered an estimated 15,000 tests within the fashion industry in the last 12 months: offering in clinic, on-site and home visit testing solutions. We have offered support in our 10 clinics across the UK and have increased recruitment opportunities by creating jobs for over 100 community testers. We have put steps in place to ensure individuals can resume their normal working activities safely and efficiently.”

As a nurse led company, we aim to provide an impeccable service based on care and excellence and will continue to provide a bespoke clinical solution to all industries, in the hope to see the economy booming as it once was.

If you have a similar story you would like to share, we would love to hear from you!

Find out what positive impacts COVID-19 has made on the fashion industry.

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