Sepsis Awareness


This ½ day blended learning course covers the physiological background to sepsis as well as application of knowledge to a clinical setting. It provides evidence based teaching of common causes, how to identify sepsis, treatment and the trajectory of untreated symptoms.

Why Is It Important?sepsis23

• Sepsis affects 25,000 children in the UK every year.

• It kills 5 people an hour….52,000 a year.

• Early identification is key to improving these statistics and the patient’s journey, rapidly improving mortality and recovery time.

Session Outline

  • Common causes
  • Recognition – signs and symptoms
  • Pathophysiology (includes basic anatomy and physiology)
  • Treatment – medical treatments in hospital
  • Treatment – options for community
  • Prevention – lifestyle, health and wellbeing

Aimed At

Health care professionals (registered and unregistered) in any setting, including outpatient and community settings, nursing and residential homes, midwifery and child services or hospitals.

Teaching Methods

A mix of teaching methods will be used to encourage engagement and ensure adequate understanding and learning – including but not limited to powerpoint presentation, group quizzes, technology facilitated learning. It is an interactive session not a standard lecture.

Facilitated by

Registered nurse with first hand clinical experience

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